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General Specification

  • Create your own  My Menu
  • Powerful Search Engine fast and easy to find
  • Authorization based system with password access
  • Fast and easy to use according to Accounting Standard
  • Switch between users without exit application
  • Work from branch office with modem login
  • 10 Last recently use report feature
  • Automatic data backup system with scheduling time and data restore system
  • Able to working perfectly with mouse and keyboard to all screen
  • Infinite define account period with an authorization system to close monthly period or annual period
  • Approve Center system for an defined approval process such as approve purchase request , approve
    purchase order , approve quotation
  • Able to define receipt conditions and payment conditions and show information in calendar style
  • Report by date period with explain view option or summary view option
  • Daily report can drill down  to find where document came from. Real Time Report and Document Running from
    any branch office with combine branch or separate branch option
  • Able to customize report and standard form or create report with crystal report tool.
  • Able to create financial statement with combine or separate branch  option
  • Able to define date/month/year  schedule for program login to prevent wrong date recording (Human error)
  • View Report or Document running with combine or separate branches option in each module such as real
    time credit sale report of all branches
  • Job Alert of to do list feature and an appointment of user who logging in program.
  • Audit trail report for  information of user login activity history such as created, edited ,deleted document
  • Many option to define document running number such as 2 or 3 or N characters (AA,BB,CC.. or AAA,AAB,AAC…)  
  • Able to define document running number as a date (dd/mm/yy) for easy insert document later
  • Able to set an prevent skip option  of document running number setting
  • Document system can be one – to – many (one document for many time transaction references) ,  many – to – one (any documents can be reference
    to do transaction in one document) and Many – to – many
  • Start working and continue working without setting beginning balance
    (you can set value anytime)
  • Based on Online processing ,Online update ,online correct system application
    will update data immediately when edit data or record new data
  • Scan your own logo to user with any form in program
  • Can set retrieve portion option to view in any menu
  • Create Post GL in many type to record data example Post GL per each goods or Post with summary
  • Support Batch post and real time post include of batch post sum (many documents to post GL in one voucher )
    able to choose document number for post
  • Able to set many discount rate per good per bill in percentage or money amount example 2%,5%,100
  • Able to set sell rate maximum at 10
  • Able to set option to print out with or without preview and able to choose form before print.
  • Data field in Master file can be input with Thai and English language.
  • Thai and English report.
  • Able to edit Master file any time. Program will reprocess data every report that use this master file.
  • Able to set decimal notation maximum 4 digit of goods amount and price per unit.
  • Every approval menu able to show authorize signature to show in the form.
  • Able to set important level of account receivable.
  • Able to create customer group, credit term, credit day according to
    approval person in each unit such as department.
  • Able to audit credit limit in every screen related to account receivable.
  • Able to set option of checking credit limit or cut off credit from payment
    or cheque honor
  • An warning option set to alert when exceed credit balance in both purchase and sale.
  • Able to check goods stock and sale stock in every screen of transaction.
  • Able to whole system deficit stock checking.
  • Infinite goods description and able to specific description type for usually record goods description.
  • Support partial receive-payment.
  • Able to record receive-payment by billing document/billing with not billing document/billing
  • Able to scan cheque type for print out payment cheque from program.
  • able to set status of payable account, receivable account and bank account (inactive and on hold)
  • An option to record purchase from goods receive document or not.
  • Able to set many conditions of billing and receive billing for each
    receivable and payable account with calendar to combine.
  • Able to set many conditions of gather and pay for each receivable and
    payable account with calendar to combine.
  • Can set Tax rate if  there is any change from revenue
  • Support barcode type goods.
  • Support serial type goods and able to generate serial portion.
  • Support LOT No. type goods and expire date type goods.
  • Warning alert when has a transaction with expired goods.
  • Able to communicate data with POS system (POS-Pro)
  • Able to in input infinite contact list of receivable account (include contact list of company commonwealth)
  • Able to define income and expenses code for recording other credit purchase, credit sale, petty cash, advance
     as you wish.
  • Able to print out payment cheque from program screen with security to prevent duplicate.
  • Data copy option for change data to new recording help you save time to record.